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mIRC is not a file sharing program mIRC Help 25/12/02 04:17 AM
When will the new version of mIRC be out ?? General Discussion 11/12/02 12:23 PM
How do we get our channel into mIRCs channel list? mIRC Help 08/12/02 05:00 PM
Attention visitors General Discussion 08/12/02 03:22 PM
How do I set my Opera browser to be used in mIRC ? mIRC Help 07/12/02 06:19 PM
Banned/klined from a channel/server, now what? mIRC Help 07/12/02 04:25 PM
Where can I find movies/ music/games on mIRC? mIRC Help 07/12/02 04:18 PM
How do I get my server into mIRC's list?? mIRC Help 07/12/02 03:54 PM
You've lost your registration code for mIRC ?? mIRC Help 07/12/02 03:49 PM
What does the 'm' stand for? mIRC Help 07/12/02 03:42 PM
Having problems with, or can't reach Dalnet ? mIRC Help 07/12/02 03:39 PM
New to the forums? mIRC Help 07/12/02 02:19 PM