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(See the section below for help with using the search feature)

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The new version of the message boards has a new search feature. It is quite a bit different from the previous one and therefore has been met with some confusion. Hopefully the tips below will help people use the search feature better. It may be useful to link to this thread when asking other users to use the search feature.

To Perform a Search:
  • Go to the Search Page
  • Select the Category, Forum or Forums that you would like to search from the left.
    - Selecting a Category will search all forums in that category. (E.g. *News and Discussions*)
    - Selecting one forum will search in just that forum. (E.g. General Discussion)
    - Selecting multiple forums will search only within those selected forums. To select multiple forums hold down CTRL and then click on the forums you wish to search in.
  • On the right, to search a keyword enter it into the box. You can click "Advanced Search Tips" for more help.
    - Entering a single keyword will search for that word.

    - Entering 2 or more words will search for each word, as if there were an OR operator. So entering peanut butter will search for posts containing peanut OR butter.

    - Entering 2 or more words WITH PLUS SIGNS will search with an AND operator. So entering +peanut +butter will search for posts that contain peanut AND butter but they do NOT have to be together.

    - Entering 2 or more words IN QUOTE MARKS will search for the phrase. So entering "peanut butter" will search for posts that contain the PHRASE peanut butter and will not return the post if it contains only one of the words.

    - Entering 2 or more words with A MINUS sign will exclude words from the search. So entering +peanut -butter will search for posts which have the word peanut in them and DO NOT have the word butter.

    - You can mix and match search operators. For example, entering "peanut butter" -jelly would return posts containing the PHRASE peanut butter and NOT containing the word jelly.

    - Entering "peanut butter" +jelly -dance would return posts containing the PHRASE peanut butter and containing the word jelly but NOT containing the word dance.
  • Below that, you can choose whether you are searching the subject AND body of the posts, or just the subject.
  • Under the Username search section, you can enter a username here. This can be done with or without keywords. So entering "peanut butter" +jelly +dance in the keywords and the username of navaho would return posts containing the PHRASE peanut butter AND the word jelly AND the word dance posted by the user navaho.
  • Next select a date range. There's an option to search all posts, or search for posts newer or older than a certain criteria. Narrowing down the search time will increase the speed of the results. We generally recommend, unless you have a specific reason not to, to always set the date range to the highest possible (5 years) for best results.
  • Next you can choose how many results per page you wish to view.
  • As well as choose to view a profile of the body. If selected this will show you the first few words in the body of each post.
  • When you are finished, click "Submit".

Happy posting!