Dear Khaled,

I have two requests for the /window creation command.

1. Allow a means for the optional [/command] alias to be hidden, and that all input be automatically passed to this /command without its actual appearance in the editbox. This would be akin to an On Input remote script, but could work entirely from an Aliases file without a remote event.

2. Allow a window to be created that will not accept /echo -a, nor "Show In Active" /whois, /notice etc. Only specific @window named target /echos and /alines can appear in such a window, keeping it sanitary and clear of noise. Attempts to /echo -a to this window will have the echo diverted to the Status window instead.

Possible method for #2: The user specifies /window -I (capital i) instead of /window -i. This makes the window CID=0 or CID=WID instead of CID=$activecid. They can persist without a server window (immune from Show In Active events), and should ignore "/echo -a" targeting (unless specified as /echo $active via user script). /window -Iz places the custom window at the end of the switchbar/treeview, and /window -I (no -z) places it at the very front.

Otherwise, just make it normal behavior for /window -i windows to ignore /echo -a and Show In Active targeting, especially when triggered from an Event. A "breaking change." But I doubt a change anyone would grieve over. Least not I.

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