Would it be possible to add a 3 digit decimal milliseconds value to CTIME with the identifier $ctimems

$ctimems == 1583799263.890 (zero padded 3 digit decimal value, string appended to the standard $ctime value)

I understand that SYSTEMTIME and FILETIME structures support up to 1/10,000 second decimal values, even if the system clock crystal doesn't necessarily support more than 1/64 to 1/100 resolution. The availability of a system clock defined milliseconds value would be invaluable in a number of scripts, games, logging and debugging. The utility of $ticks falls short when the user necessitates a clock-synchronized value. It is impossible to synchronize a clock seconds zero-crossing with $ticks.

People would also be interested in an $asctime() and $timestampfmt that can print milliseconds from the current clock time or a supplied $ctimems input value.

Thanks for your consideration.

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