No problem :-)

I've never changed my mIRC icons, so I'm not certain of the procedure to change the toolbar buttons - you can download toolbar buttons from a site such as this, you may also want to search Google. You can then right click on the toolbar, go to 'Buttons...' and 'Select', then choose the icons. Icons must be BMP format.

You can also use the -u switch with /background, see /help /background (a command where other things can be changed too).

Some other changing icon-related features:

- You can change the desktop icon (if it's a shortcut), by right clicking, going to 'Properties', click on the 'Shortcut' tab and then click on the 'Change Icon...' button. This works with XP, don't know about other OSs.

- You can change the icon that appears in the tray when you minimise mIRC to the tray (e.g. /showmirc -t), in mIRC Options: ALT+O > Display > Options > [Tray...]. This can be a .exe, .dll or .ico file.

Some things cannot be changed in mIRC to make sure that virus-writers cannot distribute mIRC as a 'fake' program (or at least, cut down on the possibility) and possibly copyright issues too.

P.S. I don't know if you can actually add more icons to the toolbar without a DLL, which is what I believe you're asking in the Developer Forum.