Wow, these are some very nice tips! People have produced nice looking toolbars, indeed!

I have tried to solve my problem with your hints, but it just doesn't do what I need.

Mentality: I don't know if you can actually add more icons to the toolbar without a DLL, which is what I believe you're asking in the Developer Forum.

I am actually writing a DLL in C++, and I have already made some (unsuccessful) attempts to add new BITMAPs to the toolbar's IMAGELIST.

I have tried to add BITMAPs by sending Windows Messages to the window procedure of mIRC's toolbar.

Yes, I was unable to add ADDITIONAL BITMAPs to the toolbar (which is why I write).

However, I have been able to add new BUTTONs to the toolbar (and I can add as many as I like). This means I have my button on the toolbar, but it lacks an unique icon. Unfortunately, I may use only those icons that already exist in the toolbar.

Be it as it is! I will continue searching for a way, until I find a solution. If I find a solution, I will post it here.

Thank you again, Mentality. This info you posted here is very useful, I can imagine there are a lot of people who are trying to change the looks of the mIRC client!

see ya