I'll put a check on this, but you got it wrong

you must type //dll $udock UnDock N

where N is the docking order you inserted the elements.

Since the DLL allows an infinit docking possibility, the docking function uses an internal docking list which orders each dialog to dock according to that list.

In your case since you only have 1 dialog, N = 0.

If you have 5 dialogs docked then N goes from 0 - 4 (If you remove 1 dialog, you must remember that N is now 0 - 3)

Hope you understand how the DLL maintains the internal docking list. You can dock 5 dialogs on the left if you wish.

It is not like the old rebar DLL with a 1 dialog on each side fixed position.

I plan to add some functionnality to the DLL like being able to add the diaog name to the list and be able to search within the list for the parameter N according to the dialog name provided when you inserted the dialog.

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