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Posted By: ClickHeRe RebaR DLL -> UltraDock DLL - 15/08/04 04:08 PM
I have recoded entirely RebaR.dll to a new name called UltraDock.dll which can be found here -> http://scriptsdb.org/comments.php?id=485

The main goal remains the same in the DLL but the way it is used needs to be ajusted in scripts. You are no longer limited to 4 dialogs docked, you can dock as many as you want now. The Undocking feature now restores the correct dialog size. And toolbar/swithcbar hide/show functions now use mIRC's internal values thus being compatible with menu selection of these items in mIRC 6.1+.

Any Comments, Suggestions are welcome to add features in the DLL.

Also working on another project called DCX which is meant to be a replacement of MDX for my script -> http://dcx.scriptsdb.org

WARNING: The files available there are only for testing purposes and are not considered as final until I release the DLL as a full release and not a demo beta. The commands and syntax in it may change in the futur.
Posted By: Voice_of_Power Re: RebaR DLL -> UltraDock DLL - 15/08/04 05:34 PM
I greatly recommend taking a look at this! smile
Posted By: Ddan Re: RebaR DLL -> UltraDock DLL - 16/08/04 01:26 PM
Nice, took a look at the DCX stuff. Looks promising. I particularly liked the windows explorer style listview "group header text."

Keep up the good work.
Posted By: Seifer Re: RebaR DLL -> UltraDock DLL - 16/08/04 02:36 PM
Two very nice DLLs, I can see myself using DCX when it's finished but I'm not a big fan of cluttering up my screen with toolbars, etc. so I probably wouldn't use Ultradock.

I did try Ultradock, however, and found that when undocking a dialog it completely closed mIRC. I don't know if I was doing something wrong or whether it's the DLL.

To get this problem I would dock the dialog using the init event, then I would undock it via the command line at which point mIRC would close.
Posted By: ClickHeRe Re: RebaR DLL -> UltraDock DLL - 16/08/04 02:38 PM
I will take a look at what you said, could you hand over your piece of code so I can test that out myself and see what may cause the problem.

Thank You
Posted By: Seifer Re: RebaR DLL -> UltraDock DLL - 16/08/04 02:45 PM
This is the exact script I was using...
alias udock { return $findfile($mircdir,ultradock.dll,1).shortfn }
dialog test {
  size -1 -1 100 100
on *:DIALOG:test:init:0: {
  dll $udock Dock -1 $dialog($dname).hwnd top

After opening the dialog I would type:
//dll $udock UnDock top
Posted By: ClickHeRe Re: RebaR DLL -> UltraDock DLL - 16/08/04 02:52 PM
I'll put a check on this, but you got it wrong

you must type //dll $udock UnDock N

where N is the docking order you inserted the elements.

Since the DLL allows an infinit docking possibility, the docking function uses an internal docking list which orders each dialog to dock according to that list.

In your case since you only have 1 dialog, N = 0.

If you have 5 dialogs docked then N goes from 0 - 4 (If you remove 1 dialog, you must remember that N is now 0 - 3)

Hope you understand how the DLL maintains the internal docking list. You can dock 5 dialogs on the left if you wish.

It is not like the old rebar DLL with a 1 dialog on each side fixed position.

I plan to add some functionnality to the DLL like being able to add the diaog name to the list and be able to search within the list for the parameter N according to the dialog name provided when you inserted the dialog.
Posted By: TonyTheTiger Re: RebaR DLL -> UltraDock DLL - 17/08/04 12:34 PM
Didn't some other guy get his thread removed and eventually
banned from the message board for posting a url for a download?
There was a debate about it here, which of course ended up
getting locked .. so why was this thread not removed as well?
Posted By: ClickHeRe Re: RebaR DLL -> UltraDock DLL - 17/08/04 01:05 PM
Probably because I didn't flame anyone or started that kind of war. Secondly, probably because the DLL is used by lots of people and they will be glad to know there is a new version. Third, the website where the file is pointed to is in the mIRC's webpage link section meaning that the source of the file is potentially more safe than any download from any site not reputated to be so.

If someone in the staff is offended by this regarding the post you mentionned, they will delete this post and I got no problem with that.

Have a Good Day!
Posted By: TonyTheTiger Re: RebaR DLL -> UltraDock DLL - 17/08/04 01:12 PM
An example needs to be set. It is not ok to advertise. If we
allow one person, we should allow everyone else. -- Mentality

This is not a place to archive your program that's the best thing since sliced bread. There
are other website for that - sites that are specifically set up for you to give as much of a
glamorous description to your program as you want, that have the purpose of virus checking
your submission, in some cases to review it and to give it to the public in their archives.
This is not one of those sites. -- Mentality
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