I have recoded entirely RebaR.dll to a new name called UltraDock.dll which can be found here -> http://scriptsdb.org/comments.php?id=485

The main goal remains the same in the DLL but the way it is used needs to be ajusted in scripts. You are no longer limited to 4 dialogs docked, you can dock as many as you want now. The Undocking feature now restores the correct dialog size. And toolbar/swithcbar hide/show functions now use mIRC's internal values thus being compatible with menu selection of these items in mIRC 6.1+.

Any Comments, Suggestions are welcome to add features in the DLL.

Also working on another project called DCX which is meant to be a replacement of MDX for my script -> http://dcx.scriptsdb.org

WARNING: The files available there are only for testing purposes and are not considered as final until I release the DLL as a full release and not a demo beta. The commands and syntax in it may change in the futur.

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