Well, of course it's not a lot of bandwidth only for one person, alone, but I was talking about a greater scale like, on a server or a whole network. Considering that [I think, correct me if I'm wrong] mIRC is the most used Windows client, and that Windows itself is the most used OS (sadly), it becomes a lot more, and this is especially true for people who send a lot of files, either manually or by having (fserve, XDCC or other) scripts do it on their behalf.

Concerning the fact that it's useful for knowing if you got a DCC but missed the dialog, well, I did not say I was against the fact that mIRC displayed it, I just said that having the sender send a notice was pretty stupid, instead of just having the receiver displaying it itself (taking the data from the actual DCC SEND). It would do the same for the end-user, but with less bandwidth usage in the end.

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