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Notice before DCC Send

Posted By: Koro

Notice before DCC Send - 13/08/04 01:07 AM


I was just wondering, why does mIRC send a notice "DCC Send file (IP)" before actually sending the file? Until recently, I thought it was actually printed by the client that received the SEND but then, (making my own client), I discovered it was a notice sent by the sender, and, also, that it was totally useless (my client does not send it and sends work just fine)

So, the big question is, Why? It's only a waste of bandwidth, and it's redundant.
Posted By: Danthemandoo

Re: Notice before DCC Send - 13/08/04 03:45 AM

a waste of about 30 bytes of bandwidth...wow yeah thats really gonna help take up your monthy download limit...

Its only redundant if your mIRC and scripts are configured correctly. EG a stray halt on a ctcp event and no GET dialog so u won't even know if someone is trying to send to you.
Posted By: Koro

Re: Notice before DCC Send - 13/08/04 06:28 AM

Well, of course it's not a lot of bandwidth only for one person, alone, but I was talking about a greater scale like, on a server or a whole network. Considering that [I think, correct me if I'm wrong] mIRC is the most used Windows client, and that Windows itself is the most used OS (sadly), it becomes a lot more, and this is especially true for people who send a lot of files, either manually or by having (fserve, XDCC or other) scripts do it on their behalf.

Concerning the fact that it's useful for knowing if you got a DCC but missed the dialog, well, I did not say I was against the fact that mIRC displayed it, I just said that having the sender send a notice was pretty stupid, instead of just having the receiver displaying it itself (taking the data from the actual DCC SEND). It would do the same for the end-user, but with less bandwidth usage in the end.
Posted By: root66

Re: Notice before DCC Send - 14/08/04 08:47 PM

Not many irc clients pick apart a CTCP containing dcc info and print the IP converted from longip and file info on the screen. To me, this is a feature to offer said information to the average user. Aside from the forementioned reasons like "so you know if you are ignoring ctcp", until every other client displays the info from the CTCP in a readable format, be thankful that mirc sends it.
Posted By: FreezerX

Re: Notice before DCC Send - 31/08/04 02:19 PM

I simply catch the notice to get the 8/8/8/8-bit IP and hide it from the screen :-)

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