If you created the music yourself, then there is nothing wrong with sharing it (which is how I interpreted your post when it said 'my audio') - It would be helpful to point this out in the first place, I assume you're aware of the fact XDCC is 99% of the time used for illegal purposes?

Anyway, if you're sharing your own music that you've created, it'd be more appropriate and easier to use the mIRC FServe. See /help /fserve and see how you get on, it explains the feature very well. If you have issues, feel free to reply. There are also scripts out there which will help you share your files, search Google. A lot of scripting websites do not host them because they are too often used for illegal purposes.

I would also suggest Google if you intend to "make" am XDCC bot, I for one have no idea how to make one and due to the average user that comes here asking about XDCC, I don't think that kind of info should be available on the main. I'd also imagine it's one of those things where if you have to ask how to, you probably can't (without a lot of work!)

Hope this gives you some good starting points.

Edit: I didn't look at that from the other perspective/meaning of 'my audio'. If you bought a CD and want to share the songs on it, you have no right to do so and you are advised not to. Either way, you might like to look into starbucks reply.


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