Such a facility, although i'd like it, would:

1) Make all those paranoid people, more paranoid about "agencys" spying on them, or, getting information about their computers, or perhaps just those people that are paranoid about ports opening when they shouldnt be.

2) Waste bandwidth.. such a tool would more than likely work like all the mirc scripts out there that connect to the mirc website, check for a specific line and what "version" is mentioned in that line.

Based on figures, noting these are for total users on all the networks they track and not everyone uses mIRC.

Total Users: 1267756

If we say, only 10 percent (WAY to low) use mIRC thats. 126775 people now lets say half of them reboot mIRC/PC daily. 190162 connection requests just to find out "if theres a new version" and this would undoubtable be daily..

not saying it cant be done just saying it would be a waste when as we all know "news travels fast" and if someone doesnt know theres a new version, they will soon enough.