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How about..

Posted By: LostServ

How about.. - 03/07/04 03:18 PM

How about a feature where if you don't have the latest version of mIRC it pop's up a remidner sayin theres a new version out and lets you download it or somthin, I think this would be a really good thing to add becasue ive seen people with really out of date versions
Posted By: Mentality

Re: How about.. - 03/07/04 03:26 PM

I like this idea quite a bit. Whilst every effort is made to make it obvious that a new mIRC version is out (All #mIRC channels I know of put it in their topics, numerous other help channels do aswell, a lot of websites post it as news items and the front page of this website displays it and the mIRC mailing list), people are sometimes STILL unaware of the update.

There would of course have to be an option to "Don't show this message again" under the dialog that says there is a new version a bit like the URL warning message because some people prefer older versions which, whilst I disagree, is up to them and they are free to do this. I think if it were to be incorporated it should only display once after an old version of mIRC is started up.

I'm not quite sure how likely this is to be implemented however, as it would involve mIRC being sent information of some sort and then performing certain actions based upon that info. I'm unsure how hard it would be to implement and whether this effort would be worth it. If it were to be implemented however, for me personally it would be a welcome addition.

My 2 cents.

Posted By: NightCrawler8283

Re: How about.. - 03/07/04 04:44 PM

i cant see this happening. its possible but unlikely in my opinion. one major problem. the download mirrors. you cant download mirc directly from the mirc website host. and the mirrors are always changing. unless there is a work around that i have missed.
so in order for an updater to exist. or even a notifier. there would have to be a central permanent location for mirc to grab information from. and i dont think mirc.com (their host) would allow that kind of bandwidth.

if i am wrong in my opinion please let me know.
Posted By: LostServ

Re: How about.. - 03/07/04 05:07 PM

Well, if that was the case, provide a link to go the get page..though some people would be to lazy to even do that frown
Posted By: NightCrawler8283

Re: How about.. - 03/07/04 05:12 PM

i believe that would still conflict on bandwidth usage.. but i cannot say this for sure. because of the fact that i dont know the hosting aggreement khaled has.

but all in all. your suggestion is indeed valid and would be nice to see smile
Posted By: SergioNL

Re: How about.. - 04/07/04 08:59 AM

letting a mirc client send like V (version) 1 Byte to a server on startup and let the server return the version number (3Bytes) isnt realy much bandwith i gues, but with millions of users it can get abit worse tough:P

ohyeah, and people could scan their data sent and check how mirc does it and then make a socketscript wich checks it like once per 30 minutes, that would make the data traffic even worse:)
Posted By: LostServ

Re: How about.. - 04/07/04 01:30 PM

The idea is to have it built-in for the lazy people grin
Posted By: Coolkill

Re: How about.. - 04/07/04 01:55 PM

Such a facility, although i'd like it, would:

1) Make all those paranoid people, more paranoid about "agencys" spying on them, or, getting information about their computers, or perhaps just those people that are paranoid about ports opening when they shouldnt be.

2) Waste bandwidth.. such a tool would more than likely work like all the mirc scripts out there that connect to the mirc website, check for a specific line and what "version" is mentioned in that line.

Based on netsplit.de figures, noting these are for total users on all the networks they track and not everyone uses mIRC.

Total Users: 1267756

If we say, only 10 percent (WAY to low) use mIRC thats. 126775 people now lets say half of them reboot mIRC/PC daily. 190162 connection requests just to find out "if theres a new version" and this would undoubtable be daily..

not saying it cant be done just saying it would be a waste when as we all know "news travels fast" and if someone doesnt know theres a new version, they will soon enough.


Posted By: feud

Re: How about.. - 07/07/04 06:55 PM

while this could be a nice feature for some, if it was implemented, i would hope for an option to disable it. i personally still use 6.03 because i like the look and feel of it better than the newer versions and would be rather put out if every time i started mirc i was told i had an out of date version.
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