*chuckle* case in point Watchdog:
When 911 (the phone number to get emergency help fast) was first started, the powers that be decided ppl might have a hard time remembering nine-one-one. to make it easier, the audio ad campaigns said "dial nine-eleven". You got it, LOTS of ppl calling police/hospitals/operators etc wanting to know if they had to get new phones and wth was the eleven on the dial? I had several ppl tell me they would have called sooner for help, but they didnt have a phone with an eleven on it. Ad campaigns promptly were changed to say nine-one-one, followed by numerous ppl stating it was a good thing they got rid of that stupid nine-eleven system and put the nine-one-one system in place instead. Were they stupid? nope. well, mostly nope...just very literal minded <grin>

Now, before anyone decides to poke fun at us southerners, i have to add this was a common occurance all over the country :tongue:

ParaBrat @#mIRCAide DALnet