Our thanks and appreciation to DaveC,Online and Iori,

We slightly tweaked the variable names, moved the doorbell alias to a remote folder and the dde senders and dde reciever appear to be functioning 100%.

Four of our chatrooms are now relaying variable data via the dde server application in mIRC to one chatroom where we can pool our chatroom hosts if needed. After the Doorbell alias is activated, we activate a mass host whisper of the visitors into the other chatrooms along with the host count in that specific chatroom in case additional hosts would be needed to assist our guests.

In our satillite chatrooms, we are using this framework. This example is for dde server PLTC.

if ($nick !isop #) {
set %Gannounce1 $nick
set %Gannounce2 $chan
set %Gannounce3 %activehosts <---current host count
dde PLG command "" /doorbell %Gannounce1 % Gannounce2 %Gannounce3

In remote folders on the dde PLG mIRC server we have the following.

alias doorbell {
set %announce1 $1
set %announce2 $2
set %announce3 $3
echo 4 Doorbell is ringing....

We have a timer loop to run the mass whisper of the doorbell results in one of our remotes containing the dde PLG server which is activated when that server joins a channel.

.timer.announce 0 10 /mass.announce

Which runs thru a looping 10 second check on if any visitors have been detected thru the %announce1 variable by the alias mass.announce in any of our other chatrooms.

mass.announce { if (%announce1 == $null) halt | /mass.opwhisper3 %announce1 has just entered %announce2 there are %announce3 hosts there now $time }

Which activates the alias mass.opwhisper3
note that %Room3 variable is set for the specific chatroom in question beforehand.

mass.opwhisper3 {
set %whi3 1
set %nick3 $nick(%Room3,%whi3)
if %nick3 == $null goto done3
if %nick3 == $me goto skip3
if %nick3 isop %Room3 msg $nick(%Room3,%whi3) $1-
inc %whi3
goto next3
set %announce1 $null
set %announce2 $null
set %announce3 $null

Thanks to each and two thumbs up to Iori for your insight, patience and consideration.