I'm trying to transfer a variable (%announce) from one instance of mIRC running in a different directory on the same computer system and chatroom, to another instance of mIRC running in another directory and another chatroom.

The purpose of this variable transfer is to alert one of our hosting staff of visitor arrivals in that other chatroom. We have two alias's now that work fine for locating the hosts in that chatroom and selectively whispering them the information we place into %announce1, %announce2 and %announce3.

We need help in our trying to transfer %announce from the other mIRC instance chatroom to %announce in the other mIRC instance which is in another directory but on the same computer system.

A visitor enters chatroomA %announce1,%announce2,%announce3 is set.

Need Help here---> Transfer those variables to c:\chatroomB

Our alias's in place in chatroomB read that information and selectively whisper that to our active hosts in chatroomB.

Thanks for your time and consideration,