Greetings Iori,

Although we have updated our coding on both instances of mIRC, the recieving instance doesn't appear to be executing the alias and updating those variables as intended.

on the dde mIRC first instance, server named PLTC

we have

echo 4 $ddename
if ($nick !isop #) {
set %announce1 $nick
set %announce2 ChatroomA
set %announce3 %activehosts
echo 4 %announce1 %announce2 %announce3 $time
dde PLG command "" /doorbell %announce1 %announce2 %announce3

On our second separate mIRC instance in another directory but on the same computer and in a different chatroom whose dde server name is PLG we have this in our aliases section

doorbell {
set %announce1 $1
set %announce2 $2
set %announce3 $3
set %tannounce1 $1
set %tannounce2 $2
set %tannounce3 $3
echo 4 Doorbell is ringing....

We've added In our second instance the debugging variable, %tannounceX to see if the dde updates were properly sent and recieved and stored. Once %announceX variables are not $null other aliases locate our active hosts and selectively whisper that information to them and within 10 seconds they become $null once again, so we added the %tannounceX variables to see if those variables were being sent, along with that debug echo on the dde server name, and the post, The doorbell is ringing.

Thus far however, we have no %tannounceX variables in the remote.ini of the dde server named PLG. And no echo the doorbell is ringing, indicating that aliais isn't being activated.

Ideas on why that information isn't being recieved and the alias Doorbell is not being activated?