ok, i'm wrong!
But, i can't stop him cheating. He defy public opinion, I'm not an @, so i can't kick him, i just want to show him that not only him knows how to write script to answer the question and get score. Sometimes, i chat with him and object him not to do that, but he didn't. He said, if I like, he can give me the script and play with him (if the speed of internet is faster, i could win).
I have already had that script, but all is the "on 1:Text:... " command structure. sometimes i loose, sometimes i win. I want to modify this script that it can recognize the bot-nick and give the right answer (it maybe faster than analysing all text line in the channel). I don't know what exactly the command does. Can you help me??? Thanks
Sorry for my bad grammar and the stupid words.