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Posted By: bumcop help with some scripts - 11/01/03 04:11 PM
Now, i'm trying to write some scripts to answer a bot game. But i don't know what commands to use, and how to check the bot nick that gives the question, and how to reply the right answer fast.
If anyone knows, please help me, thanks in advance!
Posted By: pod2oo5 Re: help with some scripts - 11/01/03 05:22 PM
you have to have all them questions and all the answers.
on *:text:complete question:#chan:/msg #chan answer

just do that for as many ?'s as they have

Posted By: Hammer Re: help with some scripts - 11/01/03 05:27 PM
That rather defeats the purpose of the "game," don't you think? Why not just play the game as it was meant to be played?
Posted By: pod2oo5 Re: help with some scripts - 11/01/03 05:30 PM
to get the most points!
Posted By: Collective Re: help with some scripts - 11/01/03 05:32 PM
Oh I see...this script is for stupid people..
Posted By: pod2oo5 Re: help with some scripts - 11/01/03 05:34 PM
i am not stupid!
i just like to cheat
Posted By: Collective Re: help with some scripts - 11/01/03 05:37 PM
You cheat because you are too stupid to win fairly?
Posted By: pod2oo5 Re: help with some scripts - 11/01/03 05:38 PM
Posted By: bumcop hey - 12/01/03 01:17 AM
I don't want to play cheat, but someone does. What do you thinks if you type really fast and others win you by script??? It's not fair!!!!!! So, if you know, pls help me instead of comment here such stupid words. Thank you very much!
TO pod2oo5: Thanks for your help. But, this solution has some problem, because it will diagnose and analyse all text on the channel, how do i check the text and found that what is the question given by the bot-nick (suppose that i have all the question and all the answer laugh). I tried to learn some script but i haven't found the best solution, could you help me!
Posted By: starbucks_mafia Re: hey - 12/01/03 01:32 AM
If you suspect someone else is cheating don't play. Or play on a different channel.

What's the point in even playing if you're cheating? For the amazing respect and awe you'll get from your fellow IRC'ers? Hardly.

Posted By: Collective Re: hey - 12/01/03 01:35 AM
Stupid words? What you said is stupid, you don't want to cheat, but someone else does, so you're going to join in? That sounds more than stupid to me, it sounds positively pathetic.
Posted By: bumcop :) - 12/01/03 03:22 AM
ok, i'm wrong!
But, i can't stop him cheating. He defy public opinion, I'm not an @, so i can't kick him, i just want to show him that not only him knows how to write script to answer the question and get score. Sometimes, i chat with him and object him not to do that, but he didn't. He said, if I like, he can give me the script and play with him (if the speed of internet is faster, i could win).
I have already had that script, but all is the "on 1:Text:... " command structure. sometimes i loose, sometimes i win. I want to modify this script that it can recognize the bot-nick and give the right answer (it maybe faster than analysing all text line in the channel). I don't know what exactly the command does. Can you help me??? Thanks
Sorry for my bad grammar and the stupid words.
Posted By: _D3m0n_ Re: :) - 12/01/03 04:05 AM
yeah ull show him not only he can ...... ull have someone write it for u...........LMAO
Posted By: bumcop :D - 12/01/03 04:22 AM
okey, could you write it for me? LOL
I just need some help from you who know what is script and have experience with it? After that, i could do it by myself, and of course, thanks for your help.
I voted you 5 stars for your voice laugh
To pod2oo5, thecollective...: i tried, but i got this: "/msg: insufficient parameters" how could i fix this problem???
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