I have to say, i'm totally anti censorship, in my mind its a ridiculous idea. Anyone who had any kind of social life in a public school will know that the most... "unsuitable" subjects, photos, words, movies willl all be the #1 thing that is dealt with. Why do you think the interweb is so full of annoying idiots? Why so much porn? Why so much swearing? nonsense? death pictures? Other silly craziness? Simply because the average age of a interweb user is 14 years old. Its not the pedophiles you need be weary about - its other 14 year olds talking to little jenny, god you don't want to know what goes through a 14 year old kids mind.

Regardless, I think the Internet is totally unfiltered to such a bizarre and illogical extent to be dangerous to the user (given the average IQ of joe public). But searchirc.com seems like its mean't to allow you to search through whats said, talked about, shown, etc in irc rooms... so keeping that in mind, if a kid is using irc... and is interesting in the going's on in other irc rooms... Err... Do you see where this gets pointless?

In a way i do agree with the original point, but censorship doesn't work, and it'll simply mean kid's'll have to keep going to [some website] or whatever, instead of spending 40% of their pr0n time finding out about other irc users habits, social studies as it were.

As a final note, i went to the site, and couldn't be bothered to search for said pr0n by the time i'd clicked through all the agreements to selling my soul to guarantee my age and such typical interweb craziness. Any kid that goes through that much warning and still is surprised at what they find is simply a lost cause as far as anything mIRC can do. Creating a international government controlled and monitored Internet for the establishment and sharing of information and general knowledge on the otherhand, now thats an awesome idea. Though you'd have to totally revamp censorship laws and copyright laws to make it work. Try getting hollywood to hand out free avi's of their movies once they get a 200% return, now thats a task.

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