I believe the functionality of the site outweighs the chance that *oh my* I see naked people.

I also feel that Khaled should add other search engines to the url list to offset the attention given to searchirc.com and to set a precident that people are responsible for their own surfing habbits, and that the responsibility does not rest on the content providers and web portals that make the internet go-round.

You might as well disable /list if that is the case, or barrage the user with more content warning dialogs.
  • WARNING! The command you have typed poses a slight risk that you may be accidentally exposed to materials of an adult nature. It is not the intention of the author of mIRC to subject his users to such horrid displays of human nature, so you thereby may not use this command.

    If you wish to disable this warning, you must register mIRC with a credit card and valid state issued photo id, along with a written age statement.
This warning would appear whenever a user types any of: /whois, /list, /join and yes.. even /quit (we wouldn't want the user leaving mIRC to go surf the interweb for porn).

This thread is silly.

Well. At least I won lunch.
Good philosophy, see good in bad, I like!