It might be good that it says not to trade files, but I doubt it will be effective. One of the rules to being a good persuasive speaker is NEVER insult your audience. And imho saying "YOU are the cause of everything wrong with the world" is a pretty big insult :P When you do that you usually get the opposite result, more of the undesired action simply because people will usually do it out of spite, something like "You come in here, tell me I'm the world's biggest problem, then you try to tell me how I should act? Who are you to tell me what I can and can't do? I think I'll go download some music right now just to spite you!" It's sorta the old example of you don't go into a Pro-Choice meeting to try and convince people abortion is wrong by starting out saying "Everyone who has an abortion is a murderer" if you want to convince people of your position, thats usually not the best way to do it [note: that was not meant to turn this into a discussion about abortion, just to provide a commonly used example] smile