I'm having trouble updating /notify in the latest beta version of mIRC (7.68.3357) and some earlier ones.
But only on two of these networks. Probably a problem with the misread WATCH command for mIRC.

1. Connect to irc.genscripts.net or cs1.coders-irc.net.
2. Connect another client to the same server.
3. Add the client from connection 2 to connection 1 to /notify.
4. Update /notify in connection 1.

You can see the correct value. Connection 2 is online.

5. Put connection 2 into /away mode.
6. Update /notify in connection 1.

Now you will see connection 2 is in offline mode. But it is still there - only in away mode. You can switch connection 2 back from /away mode and update /notify in connection 1. The user will be back online.

when no one watching us
we are invisible