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Posted By: deVilbaT /notify - 28/06/22 05:41 AM
I'm having trouble updating /notify in the latest beta version of mIRC (7.68.3357) and some earlier ones.
But only on two of these networks. Probably a problem with the misread WATCH command for mIRC.

1. Connect to irc.genscripts.net or cs1.coders-irc.net.
2. Connect another client to the same server.
3. Add the client from connection 2 to connection 1 to /notify.
4. Update /notify in connection 1.

You can see the correct value. Connection 2 is online.

5. Put connection 2 into /away mode.
6. Update /notify in connection 1.

Now you will see connection 2 is in offline mode. But it is still there - only in away mode. You can switch connection 2 back from /away mode and update /notify in connection 1. The user will be back online.
Posted By: Khaled Re: /notify - 28/06/22 07:32 AM
Thanks for your bug report. I have not been able to reproduce any issues by following your steps so far.

Note that the purpose of the notify list is to show whether a nickname is on IRC. It has nothing to do with a user's away state.
Posted By: deVilbaT Re: /notify - 28/06/22 07:37 AM
Understand. But for me notify list or notify category on "Treebar" won't show if this user is online when his got set /away mode on these servers.
Posted By: Khaled Re: /notify - 28/06/22 08:09 AM
Right, I see what's happening. InspIRCd 3 uses another numeric for the WATCH list, numeric 609, to show that a notify user is away. So a client now has to check for both numerics 604 and 609 to know whether a nickname is on IRC. This will be added to the next beta.
Posted By: Khaled Re: /notify - 30/06/22 10:32 AM
I will also be adding support for WATCH numerics 597, 598, and 599:

:host 597 a b user address 1397555233 :changed away message
:host 598 a b user address 1656402297 :away message
:host 599 a b user address 1656402286 :is no longer away

Unfortunately, it looks like InspIRCd 3 is not covering all of the cases for these events.

For example, if nickname A is on IRC and has set an /away message, if they change to nickname B, and nickname B is on your WATCH list, your client will receive numeric 600 to let it know the nickname is on IRC, as expected. But your client will not receive a message to let it know the nickname is away. You would need to use /notify to update your notify list to receive the new 609 numeric with the away message.

The only way to resolve this would be for InspIRCd 3 to either send numeric 598 after 600, or to use a new numeric instead of 600... unfortunately, a new numeric would break the WATCH list for all existing clients, in the same way as adding numeric 609 to replace 604 did.
Posted By: deVilbaT Re: /notify - 30/06/22 11:44 AM
I don't know that much but I understood a lot. Wouldn't it be better if mIRC used /ison command in notify for InspIRCd 3?
Posted By: Khaled Re: /notify - 30/06/22 12:05 PM
No, WATCH was specifically created to replace ISON, and is superior to it in every way. If WATCH is available, it should be used.
Posted By: deVilbaT Re: /notify - 14/07/22 11:13 AM
It now works better than I expected. Heartfelt thanks to.
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