This has begun in the past, but it's gotten stalled. See the link below.

Another comment I would make is that the coverage of language support would depend on which languages had people willing to volunteer their time to help with translating into a language they're much more familiar with than Khaled could ever be. There are always nuances that a native speaker would understand, making it obvious when someone tries to give them a translation created by a machine. Like in Google Translate, when I translate 'United States' into Chinese, it gives me 2 symbols. When I tell it to translate those 2 symbols back to English, it comes back as 'America', which is not the same thing. And I don't know whether the change happened on the outbound or inbound translation. And then when I insert a carriage return to have the 2 symbols be on separate rows, the translation changes to 'nice country'.

So, a translation into Turkish would need the help of native Turkish speakers. And my track record of trying to Turkish users has been frustrating, when I have trouble getting help from them to figure out their problem. There's even been several forum posts here where Turkish speakers are wanting help so that mIRC's UTF8 could be made compatible with their irc server which has never updated from using the old code pages system. Raccoon had made several offers to create such a script for them, but he needed some help from them to see if what he was coming up with works, but they never replied.

If Khaled did add language support, he's going to need help from those wanting menus translated into their native languages, and I wonder how much cooperation he's going to actually see.