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Multi-language support for options and messages in mIRC

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Many users have difficulty understanding English when configuring client options.
Is there a chance that someday there will be multilingual support in options and messages in the mIRC client?

This task can be greatly facilitated by providing such a translation option for users themselves through a language file.
Let's say: "mircdir/language/en_US.lang". This file can contain all the texts for options and messages in windows, with the help of which you can easily create your own file in your native and understandable language.
For example, copy a file in English and create your own file with the name: "ru_RU.lang" - translate all texts into Russian in it, and then it can be connected to the client in the options for translation into your language.

This will greatly facilitate the use of the client for many users around the world, raise it to a new level, and also greatly simplify the life of the developers of their project and scripts.

Hey Epic,

This is an awesome idea. Wish if i could see the software in my local language some day. This will really help everyone from different countries.