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I have taken another look at the code I wrote previously to try to resolve this isue (see the post linked to in maroon's reply above) and I am going to enable it again in the next beta.

Just to be sure: I might be reading it wrong, but it appears to me that the previous thread (and the potential fix) was addressing the behavior of strictly and only the /timer command, where the problem was with the occurrence of any of the five (thanks maroon!) reserved keywords anywhere in the command to be evaluated and executed. The current thread covers a much wider scope for evaluation in general, where the problem occurs only if the first word is any of those five keywords. Thus, these sound like two somewhat different (if overlapping) issues to me, with different potential fixes. Could you please elaborate on the fix that you're planning now?

I'd be happy to help with testing to the degree that I can; the more specific you can be about the intended effects of the changes, the better we will be able to find any issues..

Saturn, QuakeNet staff