For completeness: /unset is also affected. However, /var is not.

This was indeed discussed last time.

As I mentioned before: /var was implemented, around 1999, in a completely different way to /set, /dec, /inc, etc. which cannot, in any way, be implemented in the same way as /var, at least, not without breaking the way the parser works for all existing scripts.

The current behaviour of /set, /dec, /inc, etc. has been in place for about 20 years. They were implemented in this way because users requested this specific behaviour. There is actually no way to change this particular behaviour without breaking existing scripts. In my previous attempt, I changed them in a way that I thought would only break some scripts but a beta tester immediately reported an issue, so the change was reverted. No matter how they are changed, they will definitely break scripts. The question is, is it worth breaking all existing scripts in a subtle, unpredictable way in order to fix this specific issue?

In any case, as I said, this has already been discussed and is on my to-do list. Thanks for your comments.