For completeness: /unset is also affected. However, /var is not.

This is the first time I hear about this issue, and I'm honestly a bit shocked. I would surmise that lots of scripts out there are already broken, in the sense of not behaving as intended under all realistic legitimate circumstances. That is in particular due to the fact that it is possible to use any of those four-or-so special keywords as nicknames. That means that while this issue will not come up often by accident, any instances of it may be triggered intentionally by people with malicious intent. As such, I for one would argue that it is better to break a few (I'd guess old and badly written, but anyone please prove me wrong) scripts clearly and overtly, than to have many other scripts that misbehave under very specific but realistically unpreventable conditions. Therefore, I'd say this is definitely worth another look/try! In that sense, I think that the fact that /var is not affected, is a pretty good sign..

Saturn, QuakeNet staff