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If you run mIRC v7.61, 7.62, 7.63, etc. can you reproduce the issue? How about with earlier versions? Is there a version where it definitely starts for you?

mIRC v7.61, v7.62, v7.63, v7.64No bug found. I installed each version of the client from the official distribution kit (.exe) and tested it at least 3 times. I only get this bug in mIRC v7.65.
This appeared after the update of the MDI only in this version, and, probably, the reason for this client behavior should be looked for in this version (I do not exclude that I can be wrong).

As for the reason related to the lack of available memory, there this may also be. Although I cannot say that I have a small amount of RAM. But why then, when I run older versions of the client, this bug is not there?
Has the new version mIRC client with updated MDI windows become as demanding on computer resources as new computer game? ... :-]

If you could not reproduce this bug, then I recorded a for you Videohttp://epicnet.ru/video/mIRC_v7.65_Bug_(MDI_duplicate_icons).webm

Apparently something needs to be fixed, unless of course it is possibly.

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