Good evening ErikMouse and New_One. I read yours both messages. Can you please tell your bot using this script has the rights "IRCop" in the network in which it works?
Your bot should get certain appropriate from server notification modes (Snomasks) in order to see all lines on new user connections to your server.

According to the manual for UnrealIRCd – Probably these 2 modes will be correct for set on your bot: "/MODE BotNick +s +cF".
I am using a different IRCd – InspIRCd – so I cannot know for sure how will this is work on your. Check, please.

Can you please tell me what notifications lines from server (SNOTICE) do you see when new users connect? - Copy a few lines for me entirely.
Should be something like: "CONNECT: Client connecting on port 6667: Nickname!ident@ ( [Realname] ..." - The line should show the pure IP address, not the host.

My script works on the basis of receiving data from these lines, which your bot must see. In addition, your bot must have the rights to set bans: "GLINE/KLINE/ZLINE".

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