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Posted By: Sleepyhead Open Proxies - 07/12/20 07:52 AM

I am an official chanops/helperop on a network and currently we are facing a surge in abusers/flooders with open proxies. Also, the network has been following dnsbl.org to scan the users while it connects (but most of the time it just lets in flooder/abuser without any issue). I have searched few ips on dnsbl.info but found it was not listed as a defaulter. whereas, ircbl.org does mark the same ip to be blacklisted (hence, i trust ircbl.org over dnsbl.info).

I am looking for a code which would scan for open proxies in an incoming nick joining a specific channel (tcl code or normal irc based code will do). The switch could be auto (on join) or manual (where i would trigger the scan manually). Also i should be able to kick/ban the user once i find them using an open proxy. Here are few websites where i can search for an open proxy.

1. ircbl.org (i find results displayed on this website to be more comprehensive)
2. dnsbl.info
3. dronebl.org

ps. It would be great if someone could help me with a proxy scanner with dialogue (it will scan for open proxies on above given websites and if found on these websites, it should be able to kick/ban the user). Also i am not into coding so might need further help/support from the coding community with the issue.

Thanks & Regards,
Posted By: Epic Re: Open Proxies - 18/12/20 06:56 PM
So, I finally finished writing my first version of the script for you, so that it would be possible using a connections scan to protect your server from massive penetration of users from proxy addresses.
This may not be all you would like to see to protect your server, but it is better than nothing. In my opinion, it is more efficiently better to catch proxies when connecting to the server than when they are already entering on channels, since their addresses can be encrypted or be a virtual host, and you will be flooded with constant messages about Joins with probable spam. Of course, this code is still raw and may not be perfect, so I suggest you test it for several weeks to collect a report on the errors found and suggestions for improving this code.

Description to v1.0:

  1.Scans all incoming connections to the server and checks users by "IP4" (address must be in the form of numbers). For this, the bot where this script will be installed must have IRCop privileges with snomask (+cC).
  2.You can use the command with the syntax: "!ps <start/stop/reload>". (All nicknames for which this command will be available are recorded in the "%ps_admins" variable).
  3.In the "ps_gettype" alias, you can, if you wish, write your signatures for those DNSBL servers that should describe the proxy type in case of detection.

  4.You can create your own DNSBL server lists in the "proxyscanner_list" alias with which you should check the IP of all connecting users. (Use the provided list as an example, which includes the server name and a comma-separated list of response numbers to act on if they match). Warning: This requires very fine tuning so that there is no false positive and that innocent netizens are not banned. Therefore, it is recommended to first check through similar websites to which reply number the script was correctly triggered. For example, if the "dnsbl.dronebl.org" server answered "9" when checking through the DNSBL, then this is correct in most cases and you will ban the real proxy. And if in the same place the answer is "3" or "14", then this may be a false positive. My advice for a while testing is to turn off the bans and set the variable to "%ps_btype = off" so that you can just watch what is happening and make accurate debugging using the resulting numbers in the response rechecking where the truth is and where the lie.

  5.Through the alias "proxyscanner_set" you can customize the configuration parameters of the script:
      %ps_servers – Contains a comma-separated list of the "irc.server1.com,irc.server2.com" servers on which the script should work. (You can specify "all" for all servers).
      %ps_snomask – All "snomask" modes that must be enabled for the bot to work correctly are indicated here.
      %ps_btype – The type of server ban is indicated here. (Possible options: "ZLINE/KLINE/GLINE" or to disable bans set the value to "off").
      %ps_btime – Contains the time for which the ban will be set for the user.
      %ps_breason – The reason for the ban is indicated here, which will be visible to the banned user.
      %ps_blogo – Here the logo prefix, which will be present in all messages of the script.
      %ps_mchan – Here you specify the channel to which you want to write a message in case of ban the detected proxy.
      %ps_admins – A comma-separated list of aliases for which script control will be available.

I am attaching a screenshot of how the script, after the user is banned, reports in the specified channel about the found proxy through in the DNSBL list:

      [Linked Image from i.ibb.co]

Click on the button to reveal the spoiler. This code must be inserted into the scripts editor. To do this, press the key combination "ALT+R" and save this code as new "File/New" script called "AntiProxyScan.mrc":

#   Name: AntiProxyScan v1.0
#   Author: Epic (epicnet@mail.ru, http://epicnet.ru)
#   Description: Automatically scans all incoming connections to the server for proxy addresses and sets a server ban if found.

alias -l proxyscanner_set {
  %ps_servers = all
  %ps_snomask = +cC
  %ps_btype = ZLINE
  %ps_btime = 3d
  %ps_breason = Your IP was found in DNSBL and it is suspected that is (VPN/Tor/Proxy). To unlock contact the chat administration.
  %ps_blogo = DNSBL: 01,04 BAN 
  %ps_mchan = #Services
  %ps_admins = Epic,Sleepyhead,Admin
alias -l proxyscanner_list {
  if ($hget(ps-dnsbl,0).item) .hfree -sw ps-dnsbl
  .hadd -m ps-dnsbl dnsbl.dronebl.org 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,13,15,17,255
  .hadd -m ps-dnsbl rbl.efnetrbl.org 1,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15
  .hadd -m ps-dnsbl rbl.efnet.org 1,4,5
  .hadd -m ps-dnsbl tor.efnet.org 1
  .hadd -m ps-dnsbl cbl.abuseat.org 1,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15
  .hadd -m ps-dnsbl sbl.spamhaus.org 1,5,6,7,8,9,10,12,13,14,15,255
  .hadd -m ps-dnsbl abuse-contacts.abusix.org 2,3,4
  .hadd -m ps-dnsbl safe.dnsbl.sorbs.net 1,3
  .hadd -m ps-dnsbl all.s5h.net 1,3
  .hadd -m ps-dnsbl bl-h1.rbl.polspam.pl 1
  .hadd -m ps-dnsbl postmaster.rfc-clueless.org 3
on *:LOAD:{ proxyscanner_set | proxyscanner_list | if (!%ps_work) %ps_work = on }
on *:CONNECT: proxyscanner_set | proxyscanner_list | if (!%ps_work) %ps_work = on | if ($istok(%ps_servers,$server,44)) || (%ps_servers == all) { /mode $me +s %ps_snomask }
on *:TEXT:!ps*:#:{
  if ($1 == !ps && $istok(%ps_admins,$nick,44)) {
    if (!$2) { .notice $nick Syntax: !ps <start/stop/reload> | halt }
    if ($2 == start) { %ps_work = on | .notice $nick ProxyScanner on } | if ($2 == stop) { %ps_work = off | .notice $nick ProxyScanner off }
    if ($2 == reload) { proxyscanner_set | proxyscanner_list | .notice $nick ProxyScanner reload }
on *:SNOTICE:*Client connecting*:{
  if (%ps_work == on) {
    if ($istok(%ps_servers,$nick,44)) || ($hget(ps,servers) == all) {
      var %ps_mask $remove($wildtok($1-,*@*,1,32),$chr(40),$chr(41)) | var %ps_nick $gettok(%ps_mask,1,33) | var %ps_ip $gettok(%ps_mask,2,64) | var %ps_id $gettok($gettok(%ps_mask,1,64),2,33)
      if ($ps_detectip(%ps_ip)) proxyscanner_check %ps_ip %ps_id %ps_nick
alias -l proxyscanner_check {
  var %ps_reverse $ps_revip($1) | .hadd -mu60 ps-oip %ps_reverse $1 | .hadd -mu60 ps-oid %ps_reverse $2 | .hadd -mu60 ps-onick %ps_reverse $3
  var %ps_all $hget(ps-dnsbl,0).item | var %ps_q 1 | while (%ps_q <= %ps_all) {
    var %ps_name $hget(ps-dnsbl,%ps_q).item | var %ps_check $+(%ps_reverse,.,%ps_name)
    .dns %ps_check | inc %ps_q
on *:DNS:{
  var %ps_i $dns(0) | while (%ps_i > 0) {
    var %ps_dnsname $dns(%ps_i) | var %ps_dnsip $dns(%ps_i).ip | var %ps_dnsnum $gettok(%ps_dnsip,4,46) | var %ps_dnsrip $gettok(%ps_dnsname,1-4,46) | var %ps_dnsrname $gettok(%ps_dnsname,5-,46)
    if (!$hget(ps-banip,%ps_dnsrip) && $istok($hget(ps-dnsbl,%ps_dnsrname),%ps_dnsnum,44)) {
      if ($me ison %ps_mchan) /msg %ps_mchan %ps_blogo $+(07,$hget(ps-onick,%ps_dnsrip),) => $+(04,$hget(ps-oid,%ps_dnsrip),@,$hget(ps-oip,%ps_dnsrip),) => $+(06,%ps_dnsrname,) $+($chr(40),07,%ps_dnsnum,,$chr(41)) - $ps_gettype(%ps_dnsname,%ps_dnsnum)
      if (%ps_btype == ZLINE) .ZLINE $hget(ps-oip,%ps_dnsrip) %ps_btime %ps_breason
      if (%ps_btype == KLINE) .KLINE $+(*@,$hget(ps-oip,%ps_dnsrip)) %ps_btime %ps_breason
      if (%ps_btype == GLINE) .GLINE $+(*@,$hget(ps-oip,%ps_dnsrip)) %ps_btime %ps_breason
      .hadd -mu30 ps-banip %ps_dnsrip 1 | .break
    } | dec %ps_i
alias -l ps_revip { tokenize 46 $1 | return $+($4,.,$3,.,$2,.,$1) }
alias -l ps_detectip { tokenize 46 $1 | if ($0 == 4 && $1 isnum 0-255 && $2 isnum 0-255 && $3 isnum 0-255 && $4 isnum 0-255) { return 1 } }
alias -l ps_gettype {
  if (dronebl isin $1) { 
    if ($2 == 2) { return Sample }
    if ($2 == 3) { return IRC Drone }
    if ($2 == 5) { return Bottler }
    if ($2 == 6) { return Unknown Spambot/Drone }
    if ($2 == 7) { return DDOS Drone }
    if ($2 == 8) { return SOCKS Proxy }
    if ($2 == 9) { return HTTP Proxy }
    if ($2 == 10) { return Proxy Chain }
    if ($2 == 11) { return Web Page Proxy }
    if ($2 == 12) { return Open DNS Resolver }
    if ($2 == 13) { return Brute Force Attackers }
    if ($2 == 14) { return Open Wingate Proxy }
    if ($2 == 15) { return Compromised Router/Gateway }
    if ($2 == 16) { return Autorooting worms }
    if ($2 == 17) { return Automatically determined botnet IPs (experimental) }
    if ($2 == 18) { return DNS/MX type hostname detected on IRC }
  if (rbl.efnet isin $1) { 
    if ($2 == 1) { return Open Proxy }
    if ($2 == 2) { return Spamtrap666 }
    if ($2 == 3) { return Spamtrap50 }
    if ($2 == 4) { return TOR } 
    if ($2 == 5) { return Drones/Flooding }
  if (tor.efnet isin $1) { return Tor Server }
  if ($2 == 255) { return 10Unknown }
  else { return Unknown Proxy }

The script was tested on InspIRCD v3 + mIRC v7.63.

Remember that if something went wrong, or you accidentally erased something, then you can always reinstall this script again.
If you find any errors in the code and in its work, or maybe you have new ideas or if you think that this script needs to be improved, then be sure to write to me here about it, and we are together think about what we can do.

Posted By: Konrado Re: Open Proxies - 18/12/20 10:46 PM
auto-scan join nick in channel "SCANNER" grin

Nice script good job
Posted By: Sleepyhead Re: Open Proxies - 19/12/20 07:14 AM
Hello Epic,

Thank you so much for the code. I really appreciate the efforts you have taken into building this code and helping me out. I will go ahead and test this code and will get you the much necessary feedback on it. I just have one more question to ask.. Is it possible to add http://ircbl.org into the list of scanning websites? Most of the VPN proxies which the abusers may use can be found on ircbl.org and it would be of great help.

Nonetheless, thank you for helping us out,

Thanks & Regards,
Posted By: Epic Re: Open Proxies - 19/12/20 03:05 PM
As far as I could find information about "http://ircbl.org", it is most likely closed from general remote use and works only by invitation or after registering on their resource. (I could be wrong). But I was unable to find their DNSBL servers that check for bad IP addresses. Only if try to add an additional piece of code to this script that could check the addresses of attackers through this web page. But this will already be a workaround and not entirely reliable, because the resource owners can block access to the site due to frequent requests from the bot to this page.

Fortunately, I think this is not really necessary, because you can create your own large list from free of DNSBL servers to protect your chat. And this will work no less efficiently than that site. The main thing is to keep your list compact, so that the check happens quickly enough (within 1 second) and it is important to minimize the false positives of the script by fine tuning.

The lists themselves can be searched through search engines and thus you can to collect a working and reliable list of DNSBL servers in this script. The main thing is to test them thoroughly, because not everyone can be working or they can give false responses to both normal and bad IP addresses, therefore to detect real proxies, it is necessary to set work only with those numerical answers that give 99.9% correct results.

For example: "dnsbl.dronebl.org 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,13,15,17,255" - during my testing with this DNSBL server false positive was were with numeric responses "1,2,3,11,12,14,16", therefore they do absent in a numeric comma-separated list. The numeric response "255" catches unknown and unsigned (without a signature) addresses as proxy found through this server, which can also be a false positive, but I included it this the list just in case.

Posted By: Sleepyhead Re: Open Proxies - 20/12/20 02:43 AM
Hello Epic,

The code which you posted earlier works well.. I have been using it since yesterday and i havent seen any false positive as yet. I have crossed check it on different websites. Talking about IRCbl.org, even i m trying to find out a way to subscribe them but with no luck so far. Will keep you posted if i get any valuable information on it.

Thank you again for your valuable response on the issue.

Thanks & Regards,
Posted By: Bes Re: Open Proxies - 30/12/20 11:30 PM
I have proved to me and it doesn't work to my script. I don't know where the problem is.

I have the last version of mirc and I have make step by step how you have wrote but does not work.

can you make a mirc and just this script and can u make a rar file and can u send me?

to my server i cant make mode to me +cC because servers says unknown modes.

thanks for a help..
Posted By: Hidden Re: Open Proxies - 12/04/21 12:41 AM
HI Sleepyhead,

I am the owner, developer and maintainer of the ircbl.org. The public dns server you can use for your RBL requests is rbl.ircbl.org.

I have now updated the ircbl.org website with an 'about' page, which has more information about the ircbl RBL and who can use it.
Spoiler alert: anybody.
There's no restrictions in place, unless you have to do dozens requests/second, then I may need to whitelist your server's ip on my dns server.

Visit https://ircbl.org/about for more info.

Let me know if you have any questions.
Posted By: druino Re: Open Proxies - 13/04/21 03:38 AM
hi Hidden

How can I create requests I can't find a manual, please correct me if I configure it wrong

<dnsbl name="ircbl"
       reason="[K-banned:[exp/comp] Compromised host on this IP. See http://ircbl.org/lookup?ip=%ip% for more information."

is correct???? for inspircd ...
Posted By: Epic Re: Open Proxies - 13/04/21 06:59 AM
As far as I understood from the instructions on the link https://ircbl.org/about the correct values to check would in your case be will be like this:

<dnsbl name="ircbl"
       reason="[K-banned:[exp/comp] Compromised host on this IP. See http://ircbl.org/lookup?ip=%ip% for more information."

This is the same as if you manually check each proxy address using the command. For example, such an IP address "" is written in reverse order:

If an answer is received in the form "", this means that the IP address was found in the database lists of this DNSBL server as a (bad) address that is being used by attackers.

For those using my script, which is presented in the post #Post268254 you need to add a line inside the alias "proxyscanner_list":
.hadd -m ps-dnsbl rbl.ircbl.org 21

P.S. This way will require additional on the working capacity rechecking to catch user connections through proxy addresses. You can report your observations here.

Posted By: Hidden Re: Open Proxies - 14/04/21 03:16 AM
Hi druino,

The configuration Epic gave you is correct, except for one thing: I highly recommend that you set bans on all records if possible, or at least on the following records at a minimum:

<dnsbl name="ircbl"
       reason="[K-banned:[exp/comp] Compromised host on this IP. See http://ircbl.org/lookup?ip=%ip%&network=<your_network_name> for more information."

My configuration for a bopm bot would look like this:

        blacklist {
                name = "rbl.ircbl.org";
                type = "A record reply";
                reply {
                        2 = "Open proxy (2)";
                        6 = "Mail or NS server (6)";
                        10 = "D regex pattern (10)";
                        11 = "Drone / compromised (11)";
                        13 = "Join/part flood (13)";
                        14 = "Drone / compromised 2 (14)";
                        16 = "Spam bot (16)";
                        17 = "Drone (17)";
                        18 = "Drone 2 (18)";
                        19 = "Web abuse (19)";
                        20 = "Drone/flood bot (20)";
                        21 = "Compromised host (21)";
                        22 = "Open Proxy (22)";
                        23 = "Open Proxy (23)";
                        24 = "Mass advertising (24)";
                        30 = "Drone (30)";
                        31 = "Drone 2 (31)";
                        32 = "Open proxy (32)";
                        42 = "Open proxy (42)";
                ban_unknown = yes;
                kline = "KLINE 180 *@%i :Compromised host on this IP. See https://ircbl.org/lookup?ip=%i&network=<your_network_name> for more information.";

Depending on the ircd version you use, you may have adjustments to make on the kline command for the bopm config above. On Undernet ircu, it would look like:
kline = "GLINE +*@%i 180 :Compromised host on this IP. See https://ircbl.org/lookup?ip=%i&network=<your_network_name> for more information.";

If you have other questions, let me know.
Posted By: Sleepyhead Re: Open Proxies - 18/04/21 06:56 PM
Hey Hidden & Epic,

Firstly, i apologize for not responding to your messages. It is very tough during covid times and my country (india) is worst hit in recent times. Hope you all are doing well and please take care.

I will forward this post to my colleagues and ask them to make all the necessary changes as you have guided me. Hope to get back to you in some time.

Thanks & Regards,

Posted By: druino Re: Open Proxies - 21/04/21 12:29 AM
thanks for your help friends
Hidden & Epic

very kind both for your help thank you
Posted By: ErikMouse Re: Open Proxies - 22/05/21 09:42 PM
Hi, I just tried this and it doesn't appear to work on my own IRC Server which is UnrealIRCd and I have been getting bots posting on it since yesterday, and trying to manual ban all these IP addresses isn't doing me any good since two to three more come in while I'm in the progress of banning one.
Posted By: New_One Re: Open Proxies - 23/05/21 08:03 PM
i have tested this code on unrealircd and dosn't work , maby is the snomask +cC , i change that to +sS and still dosn;t work and dosn't show some error ... can u help to find where is the prob that's not work ?
Posted By: Epic Re: Open Proxies - 25/05/21 02:43 PM
Good evening ErikMouse and New_One. I read yours both messages. Can you please tell your bot using this script has the rights "IRCop" in the network in which it works?
Your bot should get certain appropriate from server notification modes (Snomasks) in order to see all lines on new user connections to your server.

According to the manual for UnrealIRCd https://www.unrealircd.org/docs/Snomasks – Probably these 2 modes will be correct for set on your bot: "/MODE BotNick +s +cF".
I am using a different IRCd – InspIRCd https://docs.inspircd.org/3/snomasks – so I cannot know for sure how will this is work on your. Check, please.

Can you please tell me what notifications lines from server (SNOTICE) do you see when new users connect? - Copy a few lines for me entirely.
Should be something like: "CONNECT: Client connecting on port 6667: Nickname!ident@ ( [Realname] ..." - The line should show the pure IP address, not the host.

My script works on the basis of receiving data from these lines, which your bot must see. In addition, your bot must have the rights to set bans: "GLINE/KLINE/ZLINE".
Posted By: New_One Re: Open Proxies - 25/05/21 03:14 PM
Hello Epic , thanks for you'r help i make a copy from client connection and snomask modes from bot
[19:44] -irc.mychat.com- *** Client connecting: Guest-User (Mibbit@ [] [secure: TLSv1.3-TLS_CHACHA20_POLY1305_SHA256] [class: clients] [reputation: 9]
bot has access Root with superadmin on and snomask using modes +iowrsxztDTB +FNekcfvGqSsob
Posted By: Epic Re: Open Proxies - 25/05/21 07:44 PM
This will only need to be done by who use the UnrealIRCd and others IRCd, where is analogous line of the server notices.
I made some changes to the code based on the string you receive from the server. Hopefully you are actually see the real IP address of each connecting user in the format IPv4, and not "".

In addition, I found one error in line: "if ($istok(%ps_servers,$nick,44)) || ($hget(ps,servers) == all) {"
It should be like this: "if ($istok(%ps_servers,$nick,44)) || (%ps_servers == all) {"

Find this piece of code in script:
on *:SNOTICE:*Client connecting*:{
  if (%ps_work == on) {
    if ($istok(%ps_servers,$nick,44)) || ($hget(ps,servers) == all) {
      var %ps_mask $remove($wildtok($1-,*@*,1,32),$chr(40),$chr(41)) | var %ps_nick $gettok(%ps_mask,1,33) | var %ps_ip $gettok(%ps_mask,2,64) | var %ps_id $gettok($gettok(%ps_mask,1,64),2,33)
      if ($ps_detectip(%ps_ip)) proxyscanner_check %ps_ip %ps_id %ps_nick

And try replacing it with this piece of code:
on *:SNOTICE:*Client connecting*:{
  if (%ps_work == on) {
    if ($istok(%ps_servers,$nick,44)) || (%ps_servers == all) {
      var %ps_mask $remove($wildtok($1-,*@*,1,32),$chr(40),$chr(41)) | var %ps_nick $gettok($gettok($1-,2,58),1,32) | var %ps_ip $gettok(%ps_mask,2,64) | var %ps_id $gettok(%ps_mask,1,64)
      if ($ps_detectip(%ps_ip)) proxyscanner_check %ps_ip %ps_id %ps_nick

Also, if you will be using ZLINE in "%ps_btype = ZLINE", then find this line:
if (%ps_btype == ZLINE) .ZLINE $hget(ps-oip,%ps_dnsrip) %ps_btime %ps_breason

And replace with this line:
if (%ps_btype == ZLINE) .ZLINE $+(*@,$hget(ps-oip,%ps_dnsrip)) %ps_btime %ps_breason

Try to run the script the command: "!ps start" - provided that your nickname is in the list of script admins "%ps_admins = YourNick".
Remember that the script will only to react to found IP addresses in the DNSBL databases from the list in alias "proxyscanner_list". But there will be no to react to pure connecting IP addresses.

P.S. I am already thinking to start updating the script to the new version. There are plans to create a full-fledged dialog box for controlling the script so that you no longer need to get into the script code, in order to avoid breakage. I will probably have to rewrite most of the code to improve its quality, taking into account the exploitation in different IRCd.

Posted By: New_One Re: Open Proxies - 25/05/21 08:33 PM
yes i see the real ip in format ipv4 *** Client connecting: guest (6d767dfd@mob-109-118-125-253.net.vodafone.it) [] [secure: TLSv1.3-TLS_CHACHA20_POLY1305_SHA256] [class: clients] [reputation: 1]
*** Client connecting: guest32 (4f6af442@ [] [secure: TLSv1.3-TLS_CHACHA20_POLY1305_SHA256] [class: clients] [reputation: 399]
im made the change that you said , and im waiting to see the difrenc and i will post if it work or not smile , thanks alot for your help smile
Posted By: Epic Re: Open Proxies - 26/05/21 12:24 PM
To test the script Anti Proxy Scan you can independently try to connect to your network through a second client program using an open proxy address. In most cases, if configured correctly, the script should to react to such addresses.

I noticed that in one of the lines you have the host displayed: "*** Client connecting: guest (6d767dfd@mob-109-118-125-253.net.vodafone.it) []".

For verification, the script takes the IP address from this part of the line because of the landmark to the @ symbol in the mask. If you refer to the IRCd setup help documentation, you may find a configuration item that needs to be changed so that you always get a pure IP address instead of a host at this location. I can, of course, make it easier, and rewrite part of the code so that it takes the IP address from the line where it is displayed in square brackets. I just want you to understand the possible reason why the script might not work. This is due to the fact that he may not receive a clean IP address for verification, which should consist of 4 numbers separated by a dot.

If you are uncomfortable with changing something in the IRCd configuration, then you can try replacing your code snippet with this one:
on *:SNOTICE:*Client connecting*:{
  if (%ps_work == on) {
    if ($istok(%ps_servers,$nick,44)) || (%ps_servers == all) {
      var %ps_mask $remove($wildtok($1-,*@*,1,32),$chr(40),$chr(41)) | var %ps_nick $gettok($gettok($1-,2,58),1,32) | var %ps_id $gettok(%ps_mask,1,64) | var %ps_ip $gettok($gettok($1-,2,91),1,93)
      if ($ps_detectip(%ps_ip)) proxyscanner_check %ps_ip %ps_id %ps_nick

In this case the script will be take the IP address from this part of the line, where it is in square brackets: "*** Client connecting: guest (6d767dfd@mob-109-118-125-253.net.vodafone.it) []".

These changes should only help those using UnrealIRCd.

Posted By: New_One Re: Open Proxies - 26/05/21 03:58 PM
Hello Epic , now it os its working very well now smile , i just change tha part as u say on client connecting and its working very well , thanks alot for your help smile
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