I am an official chanops/helperop on a network and currently we are facing a surge in abusers/flooders with open proxies. Also, the network has been following dnsbl.org to scan the users while it connects (but most of the time it just lets in flooder/abuser without any issue). I have searched few ips on dnsbl.info but found it was not listed as a defaulter. whereas, ircbl.org does mark the same ip to be blacklisted (hence, i trust ircbl.org over dnsbl.info).

I am looking for a code which would scan for open proxies in an incoming nick joining a specific channel (tcl code or normal irc based code will do). The switch could be auto (on join) or manual (where i would trigger the scan manually). Also i should be able to kick/ban the user once i find them using an open proxy. Here are few websites where i can search for an open proxy.

1. ircbl.org (i find results displayed on this website to be more comprehensive)
2. dnsbl.info
3. dronebl.org

ps. It would be great if someone could help me with a proxy scanner with dialogue (it will scan for open proxies on above given websites and if found on these websites, it should be able to kick/ban the user). Also i am not into coding so might need further help/support from the coding community with the issue.

Thanks & Regards,