From my observations, it looks like popup windows in various places in mIRC use /dialog functions, so I don't see the Order window getting this until dialogs get it.

Something that would be better than current would be if the window could be widened by default, as the current size seems smaller than it needs to be. In lieu of stretching the list-control wider, the list window could have the /did -z scrollbar which would allow discerning between filenames whose first 30-or-so characters were the same.

Until drag/drop was added to dialog list-control, the Order window could have buttons like move-to-top move-to-last, as well as up-five down-five to get them moved without a bazillion clicks.

Also, the Order window could have something similar to the editor window itself, with a text area below the list control which shows the same relative-path you see at the bottom corner of the Alt+R window itself. This would make it easier to discern between script1.ini's located in 2 different folders, as well as identifying which scripts are located in which folders, since the list window shows $nopath(scriptfile).