It would be nice if popup "Scripts Editor/File/Order" could be resizable stretching in different directions with a computer mouse by the edges of the window and so that in the future these dimensions are saved as in the script editor.

The reason is that over a long time of creating your own scripts and when using someone else's, a huge number of scripts accumulate in this list, and it becomes rather problematic to find any of them in this window of a fixed size because it's pretty small.

In addition, when creating a new script, it sinks to the very bottom of the list and in the future it is difficult to get to it (provided there are more than already 100+ scripts in the list), and even more difficult to raise it up the list. It would be much more convenient if it was possible to drag the script with the mouse up/down the list and embed it in the right place between the lines. It will also be better if each new script is saved first in the list.

I encounter this problem almost every time, and I think many do too. Hopefully this can be improved easier to make finding, navigating, and creature scripting.

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