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Resizable for window "Scripts Editor/File/Order"

Posted By: Epic

Resizable for window "Scripts Editor/File/Order" - 23/04/21 12:44 PM

It would be nice if popup "Scripts Editor/File/Order" could be resizable stretching in different directions with a computer mouse by the edges of the window and so that in the future these dimensions are saved as in the script editor.

The reason is that over a long time of creating your own scripts and when using someone else's, a huge number of scripts accumulate in this list, and it becomes rather problematic to find any of them in this window of a fixed size because it's pretty small.

In addition, when creating a new script, it sinks to the very bottom of the list and in the future it is difficult to get to it (provided there are more than already 100+ scripts in the list), and even more difficult to raise it up the list. It would be much more convenient if it was possible to drag the script with the mouse up/down the list and embed it in the right place between the lines. It will also be better if each new script is saved first in the list.

I encounter this problem almost every time, and I think many do too. Hopefully this can be improved easier to make finding, navigating, and creature scripting.

Posted By: maroon

Re: Resizable for window "Scripts Editor/File/Order" - 23/04/21 02:57 PM

From my observations, it looks like popup windows in various places in mIRC use /dialog functions, so I don't see the Order window getting this until dialogs get it.

Something that would be better than current would be if the window could be widened by default, as the current size seems smaller than it needs to be. In lieu of stretching the list-control wider, the list window could have the /did -z scrollbar which would allow discerning between filenames whose first 30-or-so characters were the same.

Until drag/drop was added to dialog list-control, the Order window could have buttons like move-to-top move-to-last, as well as up-five down-five to get them moved without a bazillion clicks.

Also, the Order window could have something similar to the editor window itself, with a text area below the list control which shows the same relative-path you see at the bottom corner of the Alt+R window itself. This would make it easier to discern between script1.ini's located in 2 different folders, as well as identifying which scripts are located in which folders, since the list window shows $nopath(scriptfile).
Posted By: Epic

Re: Resizable for window "Scripts Editor/File/Order" - 23/04/21 05:08 PM

I agree with your suggestions. Still, being able to resize this window would be handy. (If this is possible).
So, if I understood everything correctly, then, taking into account my idea and your new suggestions, this window may look like this:

      [Linked Image from i.ibb.co]

The top button is clickable and indicates the path to the folder of the script selected in the list. When you click on this button, you can open the folder with the script.
But if all scripts are in the client's root folder or if the string turns out to be too long, then reasonable limit yourself to indicating such a path "..\mIRC\scripts\" for to shorten the string.

By the way, the same could be applied to the popup "Scripts Editor/View/More Files", when searching for scripts that are not included in a too long list.

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