Upon Further Testing. Edit.

7.64.6125 does have this issue.
7.64.6085 has the issue.

Issue does not appear in 7.64.5829.

I'm also unable to reproduce TECO's issue.

Edition: Windows 10 Home
Version: 20H2
Installed on: 6/13/2020
OS Build: 19042.870
Experience: Windows Feature Experience Pack 12.2212.551.0

Edit 2: I forgot to open multiple windows on the earlier betas, but upon doing so, I did reproduce the issue, unlike when I first made my post, hence the first edit. This edit is for clarity. Multiple windows quickly reproduced the problem, except for 5829, which worked like normal. I even tried a clean mirc.ini as well as my normal ini to compare. Issue persists in both instances. Also updated the windows information to be more precise.

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