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Not seeing query window messages can be affected by several things. Some to try:

(1) check if you have an ignore list setting which blocks -p type activity: /ignore -l

All clear

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(2) see if it still happens when you disable remote events: /remote off
(be sure to re-enable them with: /remote on )

Nothing changed

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(3) put this alias in your alt+D aliases window:


debuggvm { !window -ze2Dj5000k @debug | !titlebar @debug active= $+ $~scid($~window(@debug).cid).network logging: $~addtok($~gettok($~window(@debug).titlebar,3-,32),$~network,32) | !debug -pir44o52 @debug $!+([,$~time,.,$~right($~ticks,3),],[,$~cid,],[,$~network,] $~!1 ) } ; Raccoon's altered by maroon v7.52+

After you then type /debuggvm it will start showing the server in/out traffic at whichever network you typed that. If you type it at each of your networks, and then place that command in your perform-on-connect, it will have a window which shows all traffic for all networks in the 1 window.

Do the incoming queries show up there?

Everything shows except private messages

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(4) You didn't say whether you tried this with several networks. There might be attempts by some networks to protect users from spam, so they can have usermodes applied by default which block private queries from unregistered users or other classes of nicks.

I did try on other networks. Nothing changed. It seems specific to my installation of mirc. It works fine if I am in a browser chat or use a different client like HEX.

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(5) Assuming you are not seeing a message when another mIRC user does "/msg yournick test", are you able to see other activity like:

/notice yournick test

if you're unable to see someone doing "/dcc chat yournick" or are unable to establish that as an outbound connection, that could be affected by router port-forwarding settings which could also block dcc send of files.

The /notice doesn't show up anywhere either. I don't use dcc so I don't think that would be an issue? The debug only shows my outgoing messages and general messages, but all incoming private are not received.

Thank you for all of these troubleshooting tips! I learned some new things! But, alas, my problem remains. I can't figure it out.