Hello! Long time no post! wink

I have been using mIRC to connect to Twitch's IRC chatbot interface and have noticed that mIRC will truncate incoming messages that are longer than 1025 bytes -- which includes any IRCv3 message tags that are present. Twitch in some cases can send messages that are longer than this since they use message tags to store a lot of metadata.

I was looking over the IRCv3 message tags spec ( https://ircv3.net/specs/extensions/message-tags ) and noticed that it says the following:

The size limit for message tags is 8191 bytes, including the leading '@' (0x40) and trailing space ' ' (0x20) characters. The size limit for the rest of the message remains unchanged at 512 bytes.

Is there a particular reason that incoming messages are being truncated at 1025 bytes? Could the limit be raised? I understand a supported message length greater than $maxlenl would probably be a bad idea, but could it perhaps be raised to something like 4096? Would that cause any issues?