Thanks for the github link. Unfortunately, it does not look like this change will be reverted.

For users who upgrade: I could make the next release of mIRC scan all of a user's scripts and popups on startup to the find the six specific lines that contain /mode with +ooo and +vvv, in aliases and popups, and replace them.

However, as aliases and popups are customizable, if a user has made any changes to these lines, the fix cannot be applied. If a user has created any new aliases or popups based on these, using a similar format, the fix cannot be applied.

As these aliases and popups have existed for so long, they are probably also used in many examples on the internet.

I will also have to look through the help and FAQs files as there may be examples in them that need to be updated.

For users who do not upgrade (which will likely apply to many users): the issue will persist.

Although the ircd developer's reply on github states that this is an mIRC issue because mIRC is depending on broken server behaviour, this has actually always been standard ircd behaviour. mIRC was using this command format in 1995, many years before the first version of InspIRCd was released.

This is also not a bug in InspIRCd, so much as an intentional, potentially useful change.

The issue is simply one of consideration and backward compatibility with long-established behaviour.