Oh I agree completely on the second part, I don't personally like freenode or Snoonet for the exact same reason, I'm almost exclusively on EFnet and I check 2-3 more occasionally but you can't deny EFnet is a weird place for a new user or for a default connection and freenode is more of a general use network, programming, projects, online prohjects, "new things" etc.etc.

We were only talking about the certs and it seems the EFnet ones are all self-signed, doesn't bother me but they don't show the green icon, a new user may check on that and may see mIRC as a lesser client if it suggests a network that doesn't even have a valid and signed SSL cert.

I was only suggesting freenode as default because it's the more general of the list if you can even call it that way, users that look for EFnet (or IRCnet, QuakeNet, Undernet...) know how to connect there and don't really need the servers.ini.