Criten merged with Rizon

Thanks, it does look like several networks have merged. My test script checks for network names, users, SSL validity, etc. so hopefully it has spotted all of the network changes.

I have made several more changes to the servers list for the next beta:

First, extra server addresses have been removed from the entries of DALnet, GameSurge, IRCnet, QuakeNet, and Undernet. All of these now list a single round-robin address.

Second, all servers were tested for SSL +6697 connections. Servers that have valid SSL certificates have had their ports changed from 6667 to +6697. That said, I was not able to test every server on each network, and it is possible that some servers on a network might not use valid SSL certificates. For now, DALnet, Freenode, OFTC, and Rizon have been changed to use only a +6697 port, as well as around forty other smaller networks.