04/08/2014 - mIRC v7.35
11.Updated SSL routines to allow both static and dynamic linking of
OpenSLL with mIRC. mIRC now comes with OpenSSL 1.0.1h linked
statically, so SSL is available without needing external DLLS.
However, if mIRC finds a newer version of OpenSSL on your system,
it will load that automatically.
12.Added SSL option that allows you to control whether the internal
or external version of OpenSSL is loaded, by adding "load=N" to the
[ssl] section in mirc.ini, where N = 0 means "use internal, external
if newer", N = 1 means "use external always", and N = 2 means "use
internal always". The default is 0. If no external is available, or
there is an error loading external, internal is used.