I have the following script that runs when i start mIRC:
on *:START: {
  server bnc.irccloud.com:+6697 bnc@xxx:xxxxxxx
  .timer21 1 25 server -m bnc.asdf.com:+6697 bnc@xxx:xxxxxxxx
  .timer22 1 26 server -m bnc.asdf.com:+6697 bnc@xxx:xxxxxxxy
  .timer23 1 27 server -m bnc.asdf.com:+6697 bnc@xxx:xxxxxxyx
  .timer24 1 28 server -m bnc.asdf.com:+6697 bnc@xxx:xxxxxxyy

The password on the bnc is what differentiates the servers, the reason for the timers is that it just joined quakenet multiple times instead of the respective networks. With the timers it works.

The problem:
If one or more servers disconnect it will rejoin quakenet and not the server that disconnects. Sometimes i can come to my computer and i have 5 connections to the quakenet connections because of drops..
Is there a fix to this? While i have used mIRC for years and years, i have little experience with BNCs.