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Help with multiserver on connect

Posted By: nems

Help with multiserver on connect - 21/09/19 05:18 AM

I have the following script that runs when i start mIRC:
on *:START: {
  server bnc.irccloud.com:+6697 bnc@xxx:xxxxxxx
  .timer21 1 25 server -m bnc.asdf.com:+6697 bnc@xxx:xxxxxxxx
  .timer22 1 26 server -m bnc.asdf.com:+6697 bnc@xxx:xxxxxxxy
  .timer23 1 27 server -m bnc.asdf.com:+6697 bnc@xxx:xxxxxxyx
  .timer24 1 28 server -m bnc.asdf.com:+6697 bnc@xxx:xxxxxxyy

The password on the bnc is what differentiates the servers, the reason for the timers is that it just joined quakenet multiple times instead of the respective networks. With the timers it works.

The problem:
If one or more servers disconnect it will rejoin quakenet and not the server that disconnects. Sometimes i can come to my computer and i have 5 connections to the quakenet connections because of drops..
Is there a fix to this? While i have used mIRC for years and years, i have little experience with BNCs.
Posted By: Loki12583

Re: Help with multiserver on connect - 21/09/19 11:45 AM

Did you add your bouncer to the servers list? That could be one cause (don't do that). Otherwise, are you running the latest version of mIRC? I believe this behavior was fixed a long time ago.
Posted By: nems

Re: Help with multiserver on connect - 21/09/19 03:19 PM


I had added it to servers, removed it now.
Running latest version 7.57..

I dont know why its doing it, it seems like it just "remembers" the first server it joined or something.
Maybe its fixed now that i removed the BNC i added in servers tho.. Will see!
Posted By: KindOne

Re: Help with multiserver on connect - 21/09/19 07:08 PM

You are most likely getting this: https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/244119

Dropbox disabled public links, I'm reposting my comment with the images on imgur.


If I'm reading this correctly, this is happening:

1, You start mIRC and connect to ZNC. Everything is fine.

[Linked Image from i.imgur.com]

2, You lose connection to ZNC and this happens:

[Linked Image from i.imgur.com]

3, Then mIRC seems to get "confused" and something like this happens when it reconnects:

[Linked Image from i.imgur.com]

I've had this issue before when I used the servers.ini file. Basically mIRC seems to freak out when it loses connection and it tries to connect to the very first network in the treebar for ALL the connections.

I stopped using (I deleted mine, you might want to make a backup to save your info) the servers.ini (ALT+E). Now I just use an on start script to connect to all the networks in the znc.

Posted By: nems

Re: Help with multiserver on connect - 22/09/19 02:44 PM

Nice writeup!

After i deleted the added server i have not had the issue, it *might* be because there has been no disconnects but i will continue monitoring the issue. If it happens again i will try to delete servers.ini, i dont use that anyways.

Thanks for the tip!
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