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Many people don't know the existence of Stardust 2000
It's a software to create Dialogs for mIRC, similar to Dialog Studio, but 10x better.

I tried to find it on the internet to download the installer, only found the Build 3, i've Build 4 here with me, so i'll upload it on mega.nz for you guys download.

But the problem is, it's too old and only works on WinXP

Stardust 2000


Does it come in English? smile
Exactly what about this is it that makes it 10x better than Dialog Studio? From the screenshot I think it looks just as much the same?

And maybe this is a little paranoid of me but I don't really trust small applications that need installing through a setup.exe unless there's something that makes it necessary.
Dstudio works perfectly as a standalone and quite portable application. Same goes for mdxstudio for working with mdx.dll things. Why does this have to be installed to work?