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I'm VERY new to mIRC scripting. I'm trying to create a dialog window, very similar to Channel Central. It would be specific to features exclusive to my network.

I've tried using dstudio, but I'm 100% lost on it. Anyone care to help out?

I tried dstudio and gave it up, it's rather annoying to copy-n-paste dialog (sub-)script to the editor and back into the script everytime I want to make a change.

Now I just try positioning with guestimates, save the script (or at least click the 'check brackets' button in the top right hand corner of the editor - thanks to whomever pointed that out to me on this forum) and then execute the dialog, have a look then click back into the script editor to fix. save, re-execute it and check again.

It doesn't take me much time doing this and I can actually see the results, rather than just a box where things go in dstudio. Real data is sometimes, bigger/longer than you think when using just the dstudio application.

The other advantage is that you can test your dialoge intialisation and on button clicks etc, doing it manually, you cant in dstudio.