I do not understand why you mention /echo's switches trying to argue /echo is better than /aline.

I wasn't arguing one was better than the other, simply saying that /echo has the requested ability, so why not /aline.
... but ...
I never tried to know, but regardless I still don't know why OP cannot or refuse to use /echo

Are you saying that you can use /echo to output lines to a custom window ?. There is nothing in mirc.chm on the /echo command to suggest that, and the cutom window section of same file says use /aline etc .. and makes no mention of /echo.

If I can use /echo then problem solved

Oops I missed Raccoon's message stating that you can.
That help file, and WikiChip need a complete clean up.

What is the syntax to target a custome window just use @windowname in place of #channel name ???

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