Thanks Raccoon

Play with the settings under Alt+O > Connect > Local, aka the /localinfo -[u|h] command

Hmmm I missed that. I spent a lot of time looking for an option to diplay/show the info or not that I missed the obvious. Hitting the 'help' button there is extremely helpfull.

On Connect starts after 001 or 005 or there about. You can write your own script to figure that out while viewing the @debug window.

I had done something similar with my own custom window and sending data to that window informing me of what part of the script was running at each point along with a $tick count to check timings (save initial tick count as %tock at raw 1, then use $tick - %tock to get a relative timing at each stage in [approx] millisecs.

It was through using this tht I noticed the peculiarity of when on connect actually activates.

Server I use used to run unreal 2.3.9 and it activated after the end of MOTD (raw 376). WikiChip agrees - 'The ON CONNECT event triggers when mIRC has successfully connected to an IRC server and that IRC server has displayed its MOTD.'

All was well until after a physical server crash, and a new server was put in place. It was decided to update the IRC daemon, and InspIRCd 2.0 was installed (along with Anope 2.0).

It was through a debug session that I noticed that the user, opertors and channel count info, which preceeded the MOTD was now being sent after the MOTD, and on connected occured after that.

Thats not quite true. On a normal connection (no ghosted connection) Nickserv sends out the 'you need to identfy message', my script responds, and after that, the on connect is activated. This was only spotted through the use of my timings diagnostic window. That was when I started to wonder about what actually activates the on connect

example of the diagnostic output. Notice when On Connect is activated.
 31/01/19 - 08:49:41      0 Time check started @ Raw 1 - Welcome
 31/01/19 - 08:49:41      0 Request Server Time
 31/01/19 - 08:49:41     15 Setting Invisible mode
 31/01/19 - 08:49:41     31 Start MotD
 31/01/19 - 08:49:41    140 End MotD
 31/01/19 - 08:49:41    156 Online User Counts
 31/01/19 - 08:49:41    156 End of Server Registration
 31/01/19 - 08:49:41    156 User Mode change: +x
 31/01/19 - 08:49:41    156 Identifying to NickServ - Script Line Num: 1067
 31/01/19 - 08:49:41    172 Received Server Time
 31/01/19 - 08:49:41    562 Prosessing on Connect
 31/01/19 - 08:49:42   1172 User Mode change: +i
 31/01/19 - 08:49:43   1984 Password Accepted. Authentication Verified. - Script Line Num: 1125

FYI the server time bits are due to me sending a /time command during processing of raw 001.
User Mode +x is set by the server, while +i is set by my script ( yes I know about options, Connect Options). Both are 'captured' and signaled to the diagnostic window using ON UserMode.

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